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A Fine Day



homemade baked bread

vintage shoes

vintage bags and scarves

afternoon wine

It would appear that Sundays is a good day for me, giving the fact I’m able to re-visit this little corner of the web and share with you some moments that has taken place around the house on this very day…

Aside from that, my family and I enjoyed yet another lovely week. Mostly indulging in the making of art (my husband is an artist, a builder, a philosopher… he’s everything), fresh homemade meals, precious moments performed by baby j.j and lot’s of giggles, laughter and smiles shared amongst ourselves. While husband worked steadily at his craft, baby j.j and I engaged in numerous activities involving other babies and moms alike. We made some friends along the way and even learned new songs and listened to a few fascinating children stories.  Although baby j.j. was introduced to bananas several months ago, he managed to surprise me by actually eating a banana entirely on his own. That was pretty amazing! And not to toot my own horn, but I too managed to pull something grand off. I baked a loaf of bread this morning that was enjoyed over breakfast and (for my husband) throughout the entire day until the loaf no longer existed. Oh yes, so there you have it… another fine day here in the mountains .. I do hope yours was swell too.


Sunday Morning

antique brooches

antique brooches

antique brooches

Two weeks later, I’m still smitten by my new life here in the mountains and waking up each morning feeling refreshed and well rested. The air quality, the beautiful hills, my bamboo garden and tin roof are just a few things that constantly remind me of how lucky I am to live here. On this quite Sunday morning, we woke up to a foggy sky and some rain but that’s okay because I spent most of the morning looking out of my bedroom window appreciating all the life around me while enjoying my daily ice coffee in a beautiful antique crystal glass, passed on by my lovely grandmother (these were once my great -grandmother’s glasses) and admiring two beautiful antique brooches found at a nearby estate sale over the weekend. I shall spend the remainder of my day giving thanks, sharing kisses with my husband and baby and baking a batch of my famous midnight chocolate chip cookies.

Have a beautiful Sunday…

Happy Happy Birthday to Me




My birthday is tomorrow and I’m a little excited for what’s to come… although technically there are no plans made at the moment, I’m optimistic as to how the day will turn out! It should be quite lovely I imagine. A little birthday cake followed by a glass of champagne .. or perhaps a little antique shopping with a giant latte in hand. Either way, I will be very happy to celebrate another year on this divine planet, along with my handsome husband and angelic baby boy.

photo credit: mod human vintage pintrest