A Regal Affair : shop update

shop update

shopping list:

vintage 1950s houndstooth dress

vintage 1950s needlepoint kelly bag

vintage 1950s pink crocodile embossed handbag

vintage 1960s brown suede handbag

At last… finally a shop update that I can be proud of! It’s been a long time coming, since I’ve scouted and supplied vintage in my little Etsy shop. Not that it was by ‘choice’ but rather difficult obstacles and crazy circumstances… but now that the storm has passed, I’m very excited to do what I love (which is to supply exclusive vintage dresses and handbags to customers across the globe) all the while meeting people who share my passion for timeless fashion.

 I was lucky to come across this collection during my current visit back east. The houndstooth dress is in impeccable condition and would look beautiful worn from day to night. It really is that versatile… think… worn in the office with a fitted blazer and pumps during the day then off to that special dinner date followed by a martini in hand of course at night.   The pink crocodile kelly bag is a current favorite of mine just because of the color alone. For me, pink is the new black and I love how feminine it makes me feel. I also truly believe that a vintage kelly handbag (in any shape/color) will transform any basic uniform to something utterly chic.

Aside from the long awaited shop update, I plan to add new pieces on a weekly basis, yet I haven’t quite decided which day will work best. Monday seems appropriate but there’s something about kicking the weekend off to newly stocked vintage each Friday… any thoughts/suggestions?


Thank You 2012

favorite things

favorite things

favorite things

Here’s to a wonderful year that was filled with adventure, the un-expected, pure joy and an abundance amount of love. I can’t begin to explain how good the year 2012 has treated my family and I. With the celebration of our first anniversary, the birth of our baby boy, relocating out of state, all while finding the most stunning vintage along the way… what more could I ever ask for. Most importantly, I’m thankful for my dear customers that support and fuel my desire to supply vintage to all of the lovelies that enjoy it as much as I do. Without you guys, this hobby of mine would be non-existence… so thank you for allowing me to share my passion and joy with you.