collection I of II


1950s satin evening purse

vintage emerald green necklace

vintage 1950s evening clutch


vintage 1940s black beaded handbag

vintage 70s sterling silver earrings

It’s been a while, since I’ve lasted post. A great deal of things have changed over the year(s) and as some might say, sometimes you must go full circle to find out where you truly belong. I missed blogging on this platform. Most of all, I missed scouting and selling vintage finds. Lastly, I’ve missed the online community of talented writers, photographers, crafters and curators to say the least. Between moving across America (several times) we now find ourselves residing in the South once again.
It’s great being back home and having a sense of familiarity all around us. A great amount of things that I once taken for granted, I’m ever so blessed to now have back in my life. I’m not yet convinced that we will forever stay here in the south to live and raise our son, but for now, it’s great to be home. My shop, Mod Human Vintage will be undergoing a few changes over the next several weeks or so. There might be a possible name change and inventory may take a little longer to grow, but I’m certain that things should be running smoothly soon. Above, are a few new items you can now find in the shop. It’s great to finally have a shop update, no matter how small the update may be.

shopping list:

vintage autumn copper evening bag, emerald green necklace, beaded envelope evening clutch, corde’ black beaded handbag, sterling silver earrings


Nov I 18 I shop update

PicMonkey CollagededgPicMonkey CollageblkkellPicMonkey Collageblkkkkd

1950s tapestry purseThis week’s update includes an assortment of 1950s handbags and a beautiful vintage leather shoulder bag great for everyday wear. You can click each picture to purchase now… I’m also happy to reserve any item at your request, if you see something that strikes your fancy.

A Regal Affair : shop update

shop update

shopping list:

vintage 1950s houndstooth dress

vintage 1950s needlepoint kelly bag

vintage 1950s pink crocodile embossed handbag

vintage 1960s brown suede handbag

At last… finally a shop update that I can be proud of! It’s been a long time coming, since I’ve scouted and supplied vintage in my little Etsy shop. Not that it was by ‘choice’ but rather difficult obstacles and crazy circumstances… but now that the storm has passed, I’m very excited to do what I love (which is to supply exclusive vintage dresses and handbags to customers across the globe) all the while meeting people who share my passion for timeless fashion.

 I was lucky to come across this collection during my current visit back east. The houndstooth dress is in impeccable condition and would look beautiful worn from day to night. It really is that versatile… think… worn in the office with a fitted blazer and pumps during the day then off to that special dinner date followed by a martini in hand of course at night.   The pink crocodile kelly bag is a current favorite of mine just because of the color alone. For me, pink is the new black and I love how feminine it makes me feel. I also truly believe that a vintage kelly handbag (in any shape/color) will transform any basic uniform to something utterly chic.

Aside from the long awaited shop update, I plan to add new pieces on a weekly basis, yet I haven’t quite decided which day will work best. Monday seems appropriate but there’s something about kicking the weekend off to newly stocked vintage each Friday… any thoughts/suggestions?

Reporting From The West

trolley cars

Life has been full of change and adventure lately… We are no longer living in Asheville, North Carolina and are now living in The Bay area of California. It’s been a long time coming as I have always wanted to re-locate to the west coast. It’s beautiful here and each day I’m in awe of this wonderful place. I’m amazed by the hills and valleys, the crisp clean air, the breeze swept in from the Bay, the shopping, the food and the people are pretty snazzy too. As I write, I’m currently overwhelm by great inspiration. I can only foresee good in our future. I have so many things I hope to do with Mod Human… launch an official website, house over 300 items in inventory, daily updates of new products and maybe even do a few open market events! In the meantime, I will work harder at expediting orders and locating marvelous vintage for the shop.

All Business in Savannah

Savannah, GA

We are finally back home from being on the road (selling art) and found ourselves spending most of our time down in the lovely Savannah, Georgia. I just adore that charming little city with all my heart. The quaint shops, alluring cafes, stunning architecture and elegant southern charm, gets me every time. Usually, when in-town we indulge ourselves with delicious food and divine cocktails but this was more of a business trip and the fun stuff was cut to a minimum .. although I did manage to sneak away for  ice cream and a little shopping. The husband was not happy about the latter.

As for shop news: As you can imagine with the preparation of the art trip, caring for a 10 month old and keeping up with the typical housework and errands, it’s pointless to point out that I did not manage to complete the shop update as promised. I hope to have a shop update pretty soon.

A shop preview

shop update

shop update


Here’s a look at Mod Human’s shop update … I hope to have these items available in the shop no later than midnight. My family and I are going on a road trip for the next few days or so… first stop is Savannah Georgia, then Charleston South Carolina.  Who knows where else we will end up. See, the thing is my husband is an artist (oil paintings) and frequently we hit the road to sell his work. It’s fun, exciting, nerve wrecking and scary all in one big bundle. We usually pack up the vehicle, grab a road map and just drive to the nearest town to sell, sell, sell. Once the art is sold out, we take a deep breath and drive back to our lovely home to create more. It’s pretty awesome actually! This is why I hope to have the shop stocked with a few new items before we hit the road. Fingers crossed, I’m off! Wish us luck 😉

– oh! and have a fantastic weekend !