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1950s Bathing Suit Contest 


Vintage Beach Babes


1970s Beauty Pageant Girls

We (Myself, Mr. Rugged and Baby) are taking our first family vacation next month – needless to say that I’m beyond excited for our long overdue trip. My husband and I haven’t traveled since our last trip back in October to New Orleans (due to my pregnancy.) And now that our tot will officially be 4 months old, we are convinced he’s ready for his first vacation. It has been decided that we play it safe and visit Tybee Island (located 30 min from Savannah, GA) just because we will like to get J.J (baby) used to the idea of not only sitting in his car seat for over an hour but also becoming accustom to traveling on the road like his parents.

Since were staying on the beach for a couple of days, I’m in the market for purchasing a new swimsuit. It’s been almost 4 months since having the baby and I’m still not quite comfortable with wearing a bikini just yet… which leads to my only other option of wearing a fabulous retro, one-piece suit. You know the saying ‘you can never find it, when your looking for it’ ??? well this is always true, especially when your on the hunt for something very specific. I hope to find a suit that’s strapless, with pretty side ruching, and in a soft color like powder blue. Let the treasure hunt begin!


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