Brooch Assortment

A couple of days ago, my mother took me to a little spot I would like to refer to as ‘vintage heaven’…. as it truly was paradise for a person like myself who is completely obsessed with vintage! This little space was located inside of a flea market located off the beaten path (just 45 min from Atlanta) … The owner was such a delight and made my shopping experience not only pleasurable but a wonderful ‘learning’ experience as well. I learned all sorts of things from the best places to shop for vintage, old labels that are highly wanted and even how to dye old Corde bags that have been stained due to many decades of wear.
Thank goodness I had my mother and grandma with me to watch baby J.J , since it took me nearly an hour to browse the tiny shop…. and trust me when I ‘write’ this was not nearly enough time needed to see EVERYTHING this store had to offer! I did manage to purchase a lot of antique brooches, necklaces and bracelets for the shop. Every piece has been photographed, however due to being a new mommy, time is very limited and I will not be able to add these pieces until Tuesday morning at the latest.
In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of an assortment of brooches that are patiently waiting to be added to the boutique.


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