Providence, Rhode Island…

Historic Riverfront – Providence, RI
who: Solo Trip
what: Waterfire, Warwick, Roger Williams Park, Federal Hill, College Hill
when: Sat, 9-11-2010
where: Providence, Rhode Island 
how: Airplane ride, Delta – 2 hr flight from Atlanta, Georgia
On Saturday, I will be taking a 3 day trip to Providence, RI. This weekend excursion will consist of hanging out with my younger sisters, along with helping her settle into a new apartment. I look forward to truly discovering the city of Providence, unlike the last time I’ve visited nearly 3 years ago. There is a substantial amount of items that sis and I must purchase for the apartment, for example a toaster oven, curtains and colorful kitchen utensils. Below I have put together an itinerary for my visit to ensure that I get the most out of my stay…
Saturday: Visit the historic mansions and vineyards in Newport, RI
Water Fire/ downtown Providence
Nightlife- Hookah Bar/ downtown Providence
Sunday: The RISD Museum (rhode island school of design)
Brown University (for the architecture)
Shopping for sister’s apartment and decorating…
Monday: Visit Boston, MA for a day…
Tuesday: Departure
If time allows a quick excursion to Boston, MA 🙂 

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