There’s Something about Mr. Rugged…

I hope your week is going great thus far…
I’m all smiles at the moment. Life is certainly an amazing thing and I must say…I have a lot of ‘new positive things happening to me right now and feel like sharing more of my personal life with you.

For starters, I have a special guy in my life…(who shall remain nameless for now) let’s just call him Mr. Rugged…..honestly I will admit, I had my doubts if I would ever meet such a great man…but I’ve been proven wrong and now I have this wonderful guy in my life…I feel blessed.
Also, I’ve been reading more, eating healthier and attempting to travel each weekend. Last weekend Mr. Rugged and I ventured off to Charleston, SC…we enjoyed a walking tour, ate crab soup and visited Kiawah Island, amongst other fun activities. It was perfect…I shall share additional photos of the trip in my next blog post…
Well that’s all for now, I must re-heat my afternoon coffee and get back to work…

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