post valentines weekend…

What a long, relaxing weekend…in the mist of Valentines day, President’s day and every other normal day, I spent time drinking herbal tea, eating chocolate and watching old movies. On Sunday, I drove to the antique capital of the south…Chamblee, Ga. It’s a small, southern charming town located just north of Atlanta. It was nice browsing the 20,000 sq ft mall, however I was slightly disappointed that the other 14 antique shops were unfortunately closed on Sunday’s….but at least I did find some lovely goodies for myself!
I also added a few gorgeous wicker handbags and a snakeskin purse to the store last night…they are beyond rare and unique! I was very tempted on keeping all 3 for myself, especially the red one but I figured someone else could give ‘her’ a better home.
As for the white handbags, they should be in the shop by this evening.
How did you spend your Valentines weekend?

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